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Saving money with 'The Cloud'

Now Technologies has been leveraging cloud computing for years to clients in Maryland, DC and northern Virginia.

Cloud computing offers on demand data and software at tremendous savings and efficiency, versus traditional LAN (local area network) deployment.

What is cloud computing?

The 'cloud' refers to the Internet. NTI, for example, uses the Internet cloud to manage an organization's software and data.

Instead of installing software on each user's CPU, and linking these computers to servers using LANs, cloud computing uses a Web network.

The programs or apps available via the cloud are called Software-as-a-Service or SaaS.

What are the real advantages of Now Tech's cloud computing services?

  • The cloud eliminates expensive purchasing, implementation and management of in-house servers.

  • The amount of capital investment and labor costs are reduced with the cloud - versus installing and overseeing LANs, which require considerable time, and investment in equipment and labor.

  • All employee/stakeholder computers connected to the Web share computing power for email, applications and files through a remote server.

  • Users can store and access files without needing desktop hard drives, portable backup units, thumb drives, DVDs, etc.

  • Files and data stored outside a local network, such as at a remote data center, are protected. The Cloud provides risk mitigation regarding data loss and instant disaster recovery from any computer.
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Now Technologies provides cloud computing IT services.

Read more about how Now Technologies integrates systems and streamlines functionality using Cloud Computing:

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Email Filtering & SPAM Control

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Our clients are saying...

"Prior to working with NTI, our firm was plagued with computer problems routinely. With the excellent insight into our operation - and strategic guidance in implementing the hardware and software best suited to our needs. 

We've been consistently provided with good advice about what will serve us best, and have experienced nothing but professionalism from the entire NTI staff."   

- Sue Schroen, Messick & Assoc