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NTI watches your back.

As business communications become faster and easier to use, keeping email, networks and Web access and apps truly secure gets more complex.

Now Technologies’ IT cloud computing security experts oversee email continuity, archiving, endpoint protection and vulnerability

What NTI cloud Web defense means for you...

NTI uses McAfee’s SaaS Web Protection model for the nimble reprogramming needed to keep up with changing cybersecurity threats.

Our cloud computing Web defense solution works outside the network perimeter, warding off spyware and viruses, while giving you greater control over non-business Internet use.

Effectively managing Web/email threats safeguards communications’ integrity and eliminates e-security capital outlay.

With cloud delivery from Now Technologies, traditionally capital expenditures for IT security can be redirected to much-needed operations in other areas of your business. 

As well, reduced interruptions and increases in staff productivity add up to big savings.

e-Security and content filtering

Combating increasing risk to your systems from SPAM-driven viruses and malware requires more than simply setting up email filters.

NTI will use cloud computing to protect your communications, while ensuring content filtering complies with strict electronic security and e-Discovery regulations for email, storage and other Web activity.

Now Technologies has reliable e-security services
NTI's cloud security benefits
  • Content and data integrity controls
  • SaaS Web protection
  • SPAM and malware blocking
  • Virus and worm scanning
  • Content and attachment filtering
  • Non-business Web use monitoring
  • Outbound message filtering
  • Policy-based management
  • Secure Transport Layer Security
  • Complete quarantine management

Our clients are saying...

"Our recent switch to Now Technologies has been nothing but positive. Their service and attention to our changing needs is exceptional!!

We couldn’t be happier about having NTI as a partner – they make us feel truly confident about the security of our data and email."

Nate Wilson, Moag & Company