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Email defense has never been easier or more complete.

NTI will safeguard the integrity of your organizations' communications. We provide comprehensive anti-virus, anti-SPAM and anti-worm services with partner technology from industry leader MX Logic.

93% of organizations have had a virus, worm or Trojan Horse successfully infiltrate their network through emails. (source: MX Logic Threat Center)

What's so bad about SPAM?

SPAM, viruses, malware and worms are transmitted via email.

These threats silently slow down your systems: decreasing productivity, and increasing your need for more and more network storage space. This lowers your bandwidth and elevates administrative costs - all while putting your networks at risk.

For a low monthly cost, Now Technologies can virtually eliminate the flow of SPAM into your organizations' inboxes. 

NTI's managed email and Web security services deliver enterprise-grade performance without enterprise-level complexity and cost.

Our clients are saying...

"We've been using NTI's managed anti-SPAM services more than a year, on more than 500 mailboxes. Not only is our email and data completely secure, but NTI is there for us, whenever we need to retrieve data, need reporting - or to answer any other question we may have!"

Tom Haun
International Heat and Frost Insulator

Now Technolgoies has anti-spam and e-deliverability services
Our partner

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NTI's e-Deliverability Benefits

  • Spam blocking
  • Fraud protection
  • Virus and worm scanning
  • Content/attachment filtering
  • Outbound message filtering
  • Policy-based management
  • Secure Transport Layer Security
  • Sophisticated quarantine management