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Baltimore - 410.844.4222
Washington - 301.306.0790

 Experienced technicians and engineers who get it. 

Now Technologies makes IT easier.

NTI’s certified helpdesk technicians are available to work onsite or offsite throughout Maryland, District of Washington and Northern Virginia.

We’ll support your overworked IT department or create one tailored to your specific helpdesk needs.

Why choose NTI for helpdesk support?

Without a dedicated helpdesk team (or if your team is stretched to the limit), your professional staff and customers are left hanging.

Trouble tickets that take days or weeks to resolve increase frustrations, as faith in your IT department plummets.

Now Technologies' help desk engineers are our employees. You pay nothing in HR benefits and administration time required to recruit, screen and manage payroll and benefits processing.

And, with improved helpdesk response time, the rest of your staff’s productivity soars, further lowering the cost of doing business.

Need more Now Technologies helpdesk technicians? No problem. Need to scale back? We’ll evaluate how to maintain response time to helpdesk inquiries with fewer people.
Now Technologies provides helpdesk support 24/7
NTI Helpdesk Benefits

  • Lower the cost of doing business
  • Reduce trouble tickets
  • Enhance issues resolution
  • Increase turnaround time 
  • Alleviate workload for your IT staff
  • Provide support for professional and admin staff
  • Avoid HR issues - NTI's helpdesk pros are on our payroll
  • Keep it simple - our helpdesk support is flexible and scalable 

Our clients are saying...

"As our business has grown, Now Technologies has been flexible and prompt in meeting our expanding needs. They have customized their support, provided the right level of service, and have been consistently reliable throughout." 

Chip Heartfield, COO
Production Management Group