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Work smarter, not harder.

Before you implement a new IT process or plan, the smart thing to do is to bring in an experienced business technology consultant, such as NTI.

Now Technologies works with organizations, in MD, DC and northern VA, to develop smart, strategic IT plans that meet specific business objectives.

By assessing the full scope of your needs, NTI will develop a solid long-term technology plan.

This long-range vision will enable us to create a short term technology implementation plan that aligns with your organization's mission.

Now Technologies' strategic IT approach will also include the tools and support your staff craves to make daily operations easier and more efficient.

Whether it's reconfiguring your network, incorporating on-demand cloud computing processes, or adding secure backup services, Now Technologies will present the most cost effective IT plan - tailored to your specifications. 

Once approved, Now Technologies will implement the IT plan and continue to manage and support your tech needs through helpdesk issues resolution, onsite evaluations, and testing.

Our clients are saying...

"As our business has grown, Now Technologies has been both flexible and prompt in meeting our expanding needs. They have customized their support, provided the right level of service, and have been consistently reliable throughout."

Chip Heartfield, COO
Production Management Group

Now Technologies IT consultants assess clients specific technology needs

Benefits of IT consultants

  • Save time and costs by doing it right the first time
  • Gain an external and objective assessment of IT needs
  • Rely upon expert advice
  • Access NTI's partner discounts
  • Get your IT ideas out of committee and up and running
  • Refocus on core business operations versus IT issues

The main benefit of working with Now Technologies is that you'll discover a partner that can develop a strategic IT plan in your best interests.

We know that IT needs change. NTI will adapt to your organization's evolving needs, security concerns, etc.

With each client, Now Technologies forges a trusted relationship.

Our clients know NTI's experts are available on short notice, to manage technology needs long term and for short-term projects.