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Contract Vehicles

Now Technologies, Inc. manages Government Contract Vehicles to provide our clients with access to our full range of Strategic Management and Program Support, IT Infrastructure Support, Systems Integration, Logistics and Engineering, and Information Security services.

State of Maryland Consulting and Technical Services+ (CATS+)

The objective of this Master Contract, effective April 22, 2013 through April 21, 2028, is to enable State government to procure IT consulting and technical services in a timely and economical manner. Through CATS+, the State will have a flexible means of obtaining information technology (IT) resources quickly, efficiently and cost effectively by issuing task orders specific to its needs.

Contract: #320417

End Date: April 21, 2028


Functional Area 6 – Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance

Functional Area 10 – IT Management Consulting Services


CATS III is an Office of Information initiative. Its objective is to facilitate the ability of County agencies to quickly and efficiently obtain high quality IT information related to consulting and technical services. The CATS III Program provides the County with a flexible contract vehicle for obtaining consistent IT resources by issuing task orders specific to its needs.

Prince George’s County DPW&T Office of Engineering and Project Management

IDIQ Agreement between Now Technologies, Inc. and Prince George’s County, MD to procure Information Technology consulting services, Traffic Management consulting services, Information Technology equipment & software to include but not limited to Traffic Management equipment & software.

Contract: #1108-0518-2018

End Date: April 21, 2028

Anne Arundel County Information Technology Professional Services

Contract: #10432

End Date: June 30, 2024


Functional Area 1 – Enterprise Services Provider (ESP)

Functional Area 2 – IT Management Consulting Services

Functional Area 5 – Network & Telecom Engineering

Functional Area 7 – Hardware/Software Provider

Functional Area 8 – Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance

Functional Area 9 – Information System Security

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