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Network and Systems Support

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From initial meeting and IT assessment, NTI consulting includes project management, new technology implementation, technical backing in a lawsuit or litigation, management of a new office under construction, office relocation planning, and hardware and software procurement.

"Most recently, we had been experiencing issues with our Glassfish server after the migration, causing a service to stop; the team brainstormed and came up with a solution and since there have not been any further issues! There is no task that we have asked of them in the past eight years, that I have been with CCL; that they have not been willing and able to tackle for our staff and company."
- Leslie Wood

it documentation

NTI employs a secure online document portal including documentation for our clients’ IT infrastructure, systems, and services. 

Our documentation includes all information needed by an IT department or any other qualified Systems Engineer with no prior exposure to the organization to step in on short notice and provide support services.

Our MSST maintains client IT documentation and ensures it is kept current.

The data elements in our structured documentation include client contact information, secure administrative user name and password management, asset tracking, domain and SSL certificate tracking, workflows, checklists, pre-built operations templates, and many integrations.

Documents such as recurring maintenance procedures and other activities that need to be performed to keep an organization’s IT infrastructure and systems fully operational are also included in our documentation. Our document library is ever-evolving as our System Engineers make day-to-day revisions. 

NTI works with its clients in developing a Disaster Recovery Plan. NTI will review current policies and procedures, where they exist, to ensure they meet industry standards. 

In the event of a service outage, our team is prepared with a documented business continuity plan for our clients. NTI documents data backup procedures and restoration procedures, which describe how data is backed up and recovered from on-site and off-site backup locations. 

Test procedures are designed to periodically verify the integrity and reliability of the backups and restoration procedures. 

NTI manages an up-to-date hardware and software inventory for clients with our online portal in conjunction with our team’s Remote Monitoring and Management. NTI references the inventory when meeting with clients to discuss their life-cycle of hardware, as well as managing licenses and subscriptions that are coming up for renewal. 

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system administration

NTI supports all network infrastructure including routers, switches, firewalls, and UPS units. Our team ensures all network components are properly configured and maintained and that all firmware is up to date. 

Routine preventative maintenance is completed on-site to facilitate server restarts and power cycles of other network equipment in-person to ensure services are resumed as normal. 

NTI also utilizes network performance and monitoring tools so that issues are identified and proactively addressed.

desktop & end-user support

NTI’s mission in Desktop Support goes far beyond fixing an issue. Our team of experts is customer service-drive and focused on our clients’ business needs. 

Though a combination of remote and on-site support, our team delivers top-rated technical support for staff, understanding the issue, and executing the best solution.

Desktop Administration is just as important as support. NTI ensures anti-virus and malware software is up-to-date and fully operational on all desktops and laptops. 

Our Team identifies new patches, and upgrades which become available for business software applications, then schedules the installation based on the client’s specific needs. 

Patches and upgrades are studies for system compatibility before deployment and NTI resolves issues related to the installed application and operating system updates. 

NTI supports and resolves issues related to local peripheral devices including desktop printers and scanners. Our Team also provides training to users in software, hardware, and other networked systems.

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