What Our Clients Have To Say

“Personable, knowledgeable, effective. We have worked with NTI for almost 3 years and they have handled a large number of our IT issues and needs. They were essential in getting our Headquarters up-and-running and up to normal operations in only 2 days. They are also helping to ensure the security of our networks and communications. This business blends professionalism and friendly familiarity.”
Holly Dean
Strategic Alliance Business Group
"Thank you, James! You guys are great to work with . . . easy, peasy!"
Nicole R.

“NTI is fantastic to work with and have provided my company with exceptional support over the last several years.”
Kenneth Clark
“The team at NTI has been nothing short of wonderful to work with! They are knowledgeable, resourceful and quick to respond when needed. We’ve been clients for over 10 years now and haven’t been disappointed in their consistent level of service and professionalism. Highly recommend them for all of your IT needs!"
Lino Cressotti
Business Manager

It is with great pleasure I acknowledge the great efforts of Matt Deskin and his team at Now Technologies. Now Technologies and the town have seen ten years of a good professional relationship. When it comes to IT solutions the team has been helpful and knowledgeable on the system analysis and needs of the office. 

The system is kept up to date with monthly visits, but sometimes emergencies arise, and it is pertinent that we get it resolved as soon as possible. We can depend on being able to contact a technician who will work immediately on solving our issues. 

I also appreciate the times that we needed to be informed as how our system works, such as backups, or even to discuss how we could address our systematic problems to tweak to our needs, which they have done numerous times. 

It is truly comforting to know that they are here whenever we need them. 

Sincerely ~

Petrella Robinson

Mayor, Town of north brentwood, maryland

“Now Technologies has been an excellent IT company for our business. The part that has been most important to us is that they are just a phone call away. They handle even the most minor issues in a short amount of time and major issues are always handled and resolved immediately.

They continuously keep us informed of possible outside virus and phishing attacks which keeps our information safe. All of their techs have been personable and treat us with the utmost respect. We have been a client of theirs for many years, their cost is extremely competitive, and honestly we could not imagine working with another company."
Mike Lonergan
Operations and Accounts Payable Manager
"Now Technologies (NTI) is always extremely helpful and timely, anytime, we need assistance with any computer-related issue. NTI has assisted us from setting up end-users and their corresponding systems to migrating our data from an old server. They address issues after hours and on the weekends, when necessary, to minimize our downtime!

Most recently, we had been experiencing issues with our Glassfish server after the migration, causing a service to stop; the team brainstormed and came up with a solution and since there have not been any further issues! There is no task that we have asked of them in the past eight years, that I have been with CCL; that they have not been willing and able to tackle for our staff and company. NTI has brought on a number of techs with varied expertise, that has enhanced their value to us and we would not change IT services; as we receive excellent customer service from them!"
Leslie Wood

DWP has had NTI as our full-time IT services for four years.  From the first week that we noticed their commercial vehicles in the parking lot in the business park and then called them to see what they service we knew it was a great fit.  DWP is a 260+ person company that work remotely as well as has an 8-person corporate office and we keep NTi very busy. 

The NTI team, lead by Matt Deskin, are a very professional, proactive, and friendly team.  They service beyond what they are contracted to do and with their varied expertise they always seem to “close our ticket”.  They keep up with the constantly changing IT needs of the world and have made several suggestions for DWP to consider/purchase. 

NTI consistency with communication in either us reaching out to them to solve a problem, calling to see if everything is going well, to visiting in person average once/ week is vital for our very busy business.  With the competitiveness of the service for an IT provider DWP is very  fortunate to have them working “with” us.

Theresa Holtzclaw

Administrator | Deep Water Point, LLC

“The NTI team are effective problem solvers. Our business IT operations rely on NTI’s strong ability and vast knowledge to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and effectively, and they do that and more. On a regular basis NTI provides answers and solutions to our network needs.  We have never had an issue that NTI was not capable of resolving effectively!! I would highly recommend them to any business needing IT services.”

Patty Pentz

Sagamore Mechanical Services