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Reliable Support & Communication: 24x7x365

For over 25 years, NTI’s approach to providing services is a Team approach: boots on the ground with a hands-on strategy, providing dedicated resources to meet our Managed Service Provider commitments and the business goals of our customers. Our highly skilled Managed Services Support Team is a reliable mobile help desk utilizing a corporate fleet of vehicles that are tracked with live GPS monitoring for efficient routing.

The Team provides resources to clients/locations on a recurring schedule, some of which are weekly visits, others monthly. The MSST responds promptly (usually within minutes) to support requests and assesses the issue with the end-user to resolve remotely or with an on-site visit.

Over and above technical support, on-site visits allow our team face-to-face interaction with the client as consultants. The Team Lead will often meet with our clients to discuss IT needs or upcoming projects as recommended by our MSST

In addition to desktop and end-user support requests, the list may include software or database upgrades on the server(s) as informed by a software vendor. In the event of a high-priority support request or server application update during high volume request periods, our team may complete the task remotely or send the next available Systems Engineer to the client site. Other forms of remote tasks include new user account creation, password resets, and editing or removal of existing users. In the event of a technical emergency or after hours, NTI is on-call 24x7x365 and we provide our clients with a direct line to the Systems Engineer on call. 

  • Fixed rate & unlimited support contracts
  • Professional, trained experts in IT 
  • Quick response times 
  • No band-aids . . . we don’t leave you hanging with a job unfinished.

Our knowledgable Systems Engineers compile and maintain an inventory of all IT-related assets and routinely evaluate system architecture for optimal performance. Our thorough assessments are documented and discussed in meetings with our clients around budgeting season to plan for upcoming IT costs and recommended solutions. 

NTI understands that IT environments–small and large–consist of multiple systems integrating technology with people.  Our in-depth process of IT assessments validate or expose the true status of our clients’ IT environment, identifying strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and risks. NTI’s assessment procedure is designed to provide even the most non-technical customer an easy to understand depiction of their IT system status. The assessment is performed with technical tools and Systems Engineers to take a high-level view of the system infrastructure and the IT challenges staff experience. 

NTI utilizes several collaborative tools for communication and teamwork:

Out fleet of corporate vehicles  is monitored by GPS to allow the Team Lead to provide ETAs to clients and route our engineers efficiently between sites. 

Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform that allows our team to collaborate via group channel or direct messaging. This allows the team to instantly communicate from remote locations and crowdsource their knowledge to solve critical issues in a timely fashion for your business. All engineers are equipped with corporate laptops and cell phones, with linked email accounts via Outlook and ActiveSync

NTI also utilizes IT Glue, a documentation platform that allows our team one central location to store IT documentation including guidelines and technical procedures, projects and tak assignments, and a knowledgebase enriched with common resolutions to identified issues. Our IT documentation is used and updated daily, ensuring the integrity of our clients’ information. 

Trello is a web-based management application that NTI has integrated with IT Glue and Teams. Trello lets our team work more collaboratively so we can get more done. Our Team utilizes this tool to organize the team’s assignments with workflow milestones and manage projects from beginning to end. 

Harvest  serves NTI as a time tracking and online ticketing system which is integrated with our accounting system and allows us to produce monthly/on-demand reports for our clients. Like project management, NTI logs support requests, and references experience to assist in recurring or known issues. 

Pulseway provides complete proactive monitoring of network equipment and alert notifications to designated personnel for our clients’ critical servers and systems in the event of failure or when specific thresholds are reached. Pulseway delivers real-time endpoint status, comprehensive patch management, secure remote desktop service, inventory management, and automated deployments, patching, security, and reports. This helps our team provide prompt resolution. 

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